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Künstlerresidenz2015Artist residencyCivitella Ranieri FoundationUmbertide (IT)
Künstlerresidenz2012Artist residency for art and technology researchMontalvo Arts CenterSaratoga, Kalifornien (US)
Preis2011Photograph PrizePremios de Cultura 2010 Comunidad de MadridMadrid (ES)
Preis2009Photograph PrizePremios Villa de Madrid, Madrid City HallMadrid (ES)
Preis1997Pilar y Joan Miró Grant for artistic project developmentPilar and Joan Miró FoundationMallorca (ES)
Preis1997Visual Arts PrizePremios Ojo Crítico of Radio Nacional de España(ES)
Künstlerresidenz1995Artistic ResidenceBanff Centre for the ArtsBanff, Alberta (CA)

Kunst im öffentlichen Raum2018PulseZachry Engineering Education Complex Texas A&M UniversityCollege Station, Texas (US)Permanente Installation
Gruppenausstellung2017unREALChronus Art CenterShanghai (CN)
Gruppenausstellung2017Overture: Selections from the Borusan Contemporary Art CollectionBorusan ContemporaryNew York City, New York (US)
Kunst im öffentlichen Raum2014Storming Times SquareNew York City, New York, (US)am Times Square
Einzelausstellung2012QuadraturaMAC – Museum of Contemporary Art Gas Natural FenosaA Coruña (ES)
Festival2012Scanner Mapping FestivalGenf (CH)
Festival2011New FrontiersSundance Film FestivalPark City, Utah (US)
Einzelausstellung2009PneumaGalerie Guy BärtschiGenf (CH)
Gruppenausstellung2009Banquete, Nodos y RedesZKM Center for Art and MediaKarlsruhe (DE)
Einzelausstellung2007Daniel CanogarCAC – Contemporary Art CenterMálaga (ES)
Gruppenausstellung1999Propuesta 99Museum of Contemporary ArtMadrid (ES)

Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina SofiaMadrid (ES)Teratologías (Teratology)
Knoxville Museum of ArtKnoxville, Tennessee (US)
Borusan Museum of Contemporary ArtIstanbul (TR)
European Central BankFrankfurt am Main (DE)

Monographie2003ACTARZero Gravity: Daniel CanogarDaniel Canogar978-8495951106New York (US); Barcelona (ES) 
Monographie2017Comunidad de MadridDaniel Canogar, FluctuacionesEstrella de Diego Otero, Estrella de Diego Otero, Erkki Huhtamo, Hans Bolt,978-8445136584Madrid (ES) 
Monographie2008Martin GeraldinDaniel CanogarGili/MastaGili/Masta 

- 1997


Palma de Mallorca, Spanien
Pilar y Joan Miró Stipendium für künstlerische Projektentwicklung

- 1997
- 1990


New York City, New York, USA
M.A., Studium der Fotografie an der New York University / International Center of Fotografie, New York.

- 1990
- 1987


Madrid, Spanien
B.A., Visuelle Kommunikation, Complutense Universität Madrid

- 1987
- 1964


Madrid, Spanien

- 1964


Madrid, Spanien

Artist Stament

Memory, and its loss, are a central theme in my work. Unless we remember, we are condemned to an amnesiac present, textureless and flat, lacking the perspective of time. 

My recent artwork tackles such issues in different ways. I have scoured junkyards, recycling centers and flea markets, looking for examples of aging technologies that defined our existence in the not-so-distant past. What we throw away holds an accurate portrait of who we were. VHS tapes, 35 mm film, hard discs, CDs, to name just a few obsolete mediums that I have used in my art, are all depositories of our memories. When tossing them out, we are also discarding an important part of ourselves. By projecting video animations onto old media, I attempt to reignite life back into them so as to reveal the shared memory they hold within.

I have also projected large-scale video animations on emblematic monuments and historic buildings in cities across the globe. I contact local communities and create events that allow participants to project themselves literally, and metaphorically, onto their surroundings. In this way they claim the history of their city as their own. Using green-screen technology, I often record performers acting out climbing motions that when projected onto a building’s façade, create the illusion of their ascent to the top. By “conquering” these buildings, they become active participants of a shared history, rather than mere spectators of an urban reality.

I like to break away from the confines of the flat screen and create three-dimensional installations that conceptualize media as sculpture. My LED screens are clear examples of this approach. After years of research, I have developed a flexible LED tile that allows me to create screens with complex curving shapes. Thus, I can make screens that bend and twist and respond to the specific features of the architecture that contains them. These works invite viewers to seek out multiple perspectives in discovering the artwork, incorporating their movements in and around the work as a crucial component of their experience. To be a spectator all too often means to remain on the sidelines of what we are watching. I want my artwork to activate an engaged viewer, one that experiences seeing as grounded in a moving sentient body. With this full-bodied gaze, I believe we not only have a richer experience of our world, but are also able to claim a place in it for ourselves.

http://danielcanogar.com/statement?fbclid=IwAR2Eh6vJaS5u3Qxsa281SvohFgaVxR_2WSJEBxF1kQiWHMAu8Pd7DtwjAnI (11.12.2018)


Echo photo Echo 2016 Daniel Canogar 
Storming Times Square photo Storming Times Square 2014 Daniel Canogar