Divine Intervention

WerktitelDivine Intervention
    250 x 120cm
    neon, steel, artificial plants
Lichtoptische Faktoren
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Kristin McIver, Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention, to be exhibited for the first time in Sydney, is a an exhibition by Kristin McIver which explores the themes of desire and aspiration.

Through her work, McIver explores the aspirational impulses of the middle class, and highlights the way that fundamental human needs are transformed into desirable commodities by self serving global corporations.

Divine intervention proposes that the media and digital age have created a perpetual desiring machine, resulting in a global culture obsessed with material consumption. As Corporations expand their markets into remote corners of the globe, they exploit countries desperately trying to buy into the capitalist dream. Our natural habitats are destroyed in order to make way for newer, better environments; seemingly an improvement on that provided by nature.

Through its formal construction and materials, Divine intervention evokes the false propositions promised by futuristic developments, and their glossy promotional material. The work borrows a phrase taken directly from a marketing campaign, emblazoning it in neon to seduce the viewer, while exposing the irony and falsity of the message. The absurd proposal “Life unlimited” promises the impossible; the gift of immortality pursued previously only through religious and spiritual refuge. Has desire replaced religion to become the salvation of the 21st century?

https://art.base.co/event/2788-kristin-mciver-divine-intervention (20.02.2020)



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