Time Compression (A Light at the End. A Light at the Beginning.)

WerktitelTime Compression (A Light at the End. A Light at the Beginning.)
    190 x 190 x 130 cm
    Farbsortiertes 4-Stunden-Video, transparentes LCD, Spotlight, Metallacryl, Pflanzen
Lichtoptische Faktoren
2018VimeoNew YorkLink

What happens when time breaks down, for instance entering a black hole or at the moment of death? In that instance could lived experiences (or all experiences, past present and future) be reorganized by the electromagnetic energy (ie. color wavelength) of those moments and played back accordingly? “Time Compression” is a projection installation that sorts every frame of Stanley Kubrick’s (singularity) “2001” and Gaspar Noe’s (Tibetan book of the dead)  “Enter the Void”, combining the two movies by re-ordering each frame according to its wavelength color. This combined video is played on a transparent LCD screen mounted in the structure. A spotlight shines through the transparent LCD, casting the colors of the video onto the gallery wall. This creates multiple points of viewing; sitting on the bench you can view the film on the transparent LCD, the spotlight from inside the installation can be seen through the translucent image of the film. At the same time, you can watch people sitting on the bench as the colors of the film project onto them, making them become part of the installation (travellers), while they stare at the screen.

https://www.jamesclar.com/portfolio_page/time-compression-2018/ (19.04.2019)

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