Neon- und Leuchtstofflampen, industriell gefertigt

Sortierung: Titel, Jahr


Agujero Negro (Cygnus X 1) photo Agujero Negro (Cygnus X 1) 2014 Björn Dahlem 
An Additive Mix photo An Additive Mix 2015 Liz West 
Angel Rainbow photo Angel Rainbow 2017 Sarkis 
Ashley Madison Angels at Work photo Ashley Madison Angels at Work 2016 !Mediengruppe Bitnik 
Brick Lane Remix I photo Brick Lane Remix I 2003 David Batchelor 
Broken Light photo Broken Light 2014 Christoph Dahlhausen 
Chromosaturation photo Chromosaturation 1965 Carlos Cruz-Diez 
Cochons Pendus photo Cochons Pendus 1994 Patrick Raynaud 
Complementary Afterimage photo Complementary Afterimage 2015 Liz West 
Consol gelb photo Consol gelb 2000 Günter Dohr 
Container photo Container 2006 molitor&kuzmin 
control-release photo control-release 2008 HItoshi Kuriyama 
Deckenmalerei photo Deckenmalerei 1992 Gerhard Merz 
Depot photo Depot 2010 Christine Schulz 
Desk Lamp, Crash photo Desk Lamp, Crash 1998 Bill Culbert 
Do You Think You Can Help Her Brother? photo Do You Think You Can Help Her Brother? 2009 He An 
Electrocosmos photo Electrocosmos 2008 Diana Larrea 
Extension - Model 1 : 1 photo Extension - Model 1 : 1 2017 molitor&kuzmin 
Facility Way photo Facility Way 2018 Christine Schulz 
Floating  Room (Light Outside, Dark Inside) photo Floating Room (Light Outside, Dark Inside) 1972 Bruce Nauman 
Floor Piece, No 2 photo Floor Piece, No 2 1970 Peter Kennedy 
Hear/Höre/Hoor/Hear photo Hear/Höre/Hoor/Hear 2017 Tim Etchells 
Homeless Lamp, the Juice Sucker photo Homeless Lamp, the Juice Sucker 2004 Iván Navarro 
Im Vorübergehen photo Im Vorübergehen 1993 Günter Dohr 
Light dream photo Light dream 2007 Bernardí Roig 
Lucciola Salzgitter photo Lucciola Salzgitter 1983 Francesco Mariotti 
Neon Light Installations photo Neon Light Installations 2002 Peter Kennedy 
Neon Structure photo Neon Structure 2009 Thorbjoern Lausten 
Not Yet Titled (Light Spill) photo Not Yet Titled (Light Spill) 2007 Banks Violette 
o.T. (Neonsessel mit Leiterlehne) photo o.T. (Neonsessel mit Leiterlehne) 1991 Vito Acconci 
Ohe Titel photo Ohe Titel 1988 Werner Bauer 
Orion photo Orion 2008 Paul Schwer 
Paradise photo Paradise 1996 Jack Pierson 
Pavillon photo Pavillon 2000 Gerhard Merz 
Plus Helicoidal photo Plus Helicoidal 1967 Martha Boto 
Primordial Garden photo Primordial Garden 2016 Adela Andea 
Reality Show photo Reality Show 2010 Iván Navarro 
Repulse Bay photo Repulse Bay 1999 Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster 
Stabilizing Light Ahlen photo Stabilizing Light Ahlen 2017 Christoph Dahlhausen 
State of Light photo State of Light 2009 Bill Culbert 
The Milky Way photo The Milky Way 2007 Björn Dahlem 
Théâtre Temps photo Théâtre Temps 1993 Yann Kersalé 
Throne (and over and over again) photo Throne (and over and over again) 2009 Banks Violette 
Untitled (for you Leo, in long respect and affection) 4 photo Untitled (for you Leo, in long respect and affection) 4 1978 Dan Flavin 
Untitled (Installation at Richmond Hall) photo Untitled (Installation at Richmond Hall) 1996 Dan Flavin 
Wallpainting photo Wallpainting 2010 Paul Schwer 
White Cube photo White Cube 2014 Cerith Wyn Evans 
You&Me-isms / part I photo You&Me-isms / part I 2011 Boris Petrovsky 
∴ 0=1 -inflation photo ∴ 0=1 -inflation 2013 HItoshi Kuriyama