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Award2012Unrestricted Monetary AwardDave Bown ProjectsUSA

Solo exhibition2018The World Never EndsJane Lombard GalleryNew York, USA
Group exhibition2017Synthesize: Art + MusicMuseum of Contemporary ArtJacksonville, USA
Group exhibition2015Peace Minus OneSeoul Museum of ArtIstanbul, Turkey
Solo exhibition2014ALL EVERYTHINGParasol unit for contemporary artLondon, England
Group exhibition2014Big Bang DataCenter for Contemporary Culture (CCCB)Barcelona, Spain
Solo exhibition2012Iris Was A PupilCarbon12United Arab Emirates
Group exhibition2012Segment 2Borusan Contemporary MuseumIstanbul, Turkey
Solo exhibition2009For Your Eyes OnlyTrafficUnited Arab Emirates
Solo exhibition2008Galerie Roger TatorFestival of LightLyon, France
Group exhibition2007Museum of Science and InnovationTokyo, Japan

- 2004


New York, USA
Master degree from New York University (animation)

- 2004
- 2007

Places of residence

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

- 2007
- 1979


Wisconsin, USA

- 1979

James Clar (born 1979 in Wisconsin, USA) is a media artist whose work is a fusion of technology, popular culture, and visual information. His work explores the limitations of various communication mediums and its effect on the individual and society. Focusing on the visual arts, his work often controls and manipulates light - the common intersection of all visual mediums.


While his early work dealt with analyzing how technology and media work, a move to the Middle East in 2007 has seen his focus shift to how technology and media affect. As an American living in Dubai, his art work has progressed towards deeper conceptual themes. These include nationalism, globalism, and popular culture in the age of mass information, and often analyses the discrepancy in information between Western media and Middle Eastern media along with its effects on people.

https://artsation.com/artists/james-clar (05.04.2019)


River Of Time photo River Of Time 2016 James Clar 
Time Compression (A Light at the End. A Light at the Beginning.) photo Time Compression (A Light at the End. A Light at the Beginning.) 2018 James Clar