Vadim Fishkin

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Document Publication "What's on the other side?"
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Institutions/museums Gallery Georg Kargl
Institutions/museums Loom Gallery
Institutions/museums ZKM Kalrsruhe

Group exhibition2011Impossible CommunityState Museum of Modern Art of the Russian Academy of ArtsMoscow, Russia
Solo exhibition2009tour en l´air,Galerija Gregor PodnarBerlin, Germany
Solo exhibition2005Another Speedy DayPadiglione Sloveno, La Biennale di VeneziaVenice, Italy
Group exhibition2003Berlin – Moscow / Moscow – BerlinMartin Gropius BauBerlin, Germany
Group exhibition2002IconoclashZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und MedientechnologieKarlsruhe, Germany
Group exhibition2001Manifesta 1European Biennial of Contemporary ArtRotterdam, Netherlands
Solo exhibition2000OgnegrafMuseum of Modern Art ZagrebZagreb, Croatia
Group exhibition1999After the WallModerna MuseetStockholm, Sweden
Solo exhibition1995One-man showMala Galerija, Moderna Galerija Ljubljana - Museum of Modern ArtLjubljana, Slovenia
Solo exhibition1994Exchanged headsContemporary Art CenterMoscow, Russia

Artworks in Collections
Russian MuseumSt. Petersburg, Russia
National Center for Contemporary art, Moscow BranchMoscow, Russia
Museum of Contemporary Art ZagrebZagreb, Coratia
Centre National des Arts PlastiquesParis, France
Museum van Heedengaase Kunst AntwerpenAntwerp, Belgium

Monograph2007JRP Editions SAVadim Fishkin: Orbit EdgesVadim Fishkin (Autor), Robert Pfaller (Autor), Lívia Páldi, Diana Baldon, Thibaut de Ruyter, Jelka Sutej-Adamic978-3905770728Ljubljana, Slovenia Gregor Podnar
Monograph2001Folio2000+ Arteast Collection. The Art of Eastern Europe. A Selection of Works for the International and National Collections of Moderna Galerija LjubljanaZdenka Badovinac, Peter Weibel3-85256-201-5Wien Zdenka Badovinac, Peter Weibel

Research & teaching
Temporary professorshipNeue MedienHFG KarlsruheKarlsruhe, Germany


Places of residence

Ljubljana, Slovenia

- 1965


Penza, Russia

- 1965
- 1986


Moscow, Russia
Industrial Architecture at Moscow Institute of Architecture

- 1986

"..Vadim Fishkin works in an unique post-conceptual tradition, which is intimately linked to technology and current scientific developments. However, any interest in technology and science is less a direct result of an engagement in these domains themselves than a by-product of what they can tell us about ourselves and such perennial issues as the search for faith and meaning, and the sense of futility known to reward such human enterprises. Indeed, in Fishkin’s practice, technology is granted a compact narrative and allegorical power, not to mention an absurd and poignant poetry. And although Fishkin embraces the futility of technology, foregrounding the fatuity of the human desires and ambitions that animate it, he does it with a sharp and theatrical humor, ultimately imbuing it with a redemptive lightness.." --- Chris Sharp (07.05.2019)


Lighthouse photo Lighthouse 2001 Vadim Fishkin 
Sun_Stop photo Sun_Stop 2003 Vadim Fishkin