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Review Post of the radio station Deutschlandfunk
Review Review of the exhibition "Show" KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin
Festival / Biennial Manifesta 11
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Award2009Nam June Paik Art Center PrizeNorth RhineWestphalia, Germany
Award2007Preis der Nationalgalerie für junge KunstFreunde der Nationalgalerie Berlin, Hamburger BahnhofBerlin, Germany
Scholarship2005Bremerhaven-Stipendium, Kunst & NutzenBremerhaven, Germany
Award2002Paul Hamlyn AwardPaul Hamlyn FoundationLondon, UK
Scholarship1997Philip Morris ScholarshipKünstlerhaus BethanienBerlin, Germany

Solo exhibition2018Ceal FloyerLisson GalleryLondon, England
Solo exhibition2017Ceal Floyer303 GalleryNew York, USA
Group exhibition2016Manifesta 11Zurich, Switzerland
Solo exhibition2016On OccasionAargauer KunsthausAarau, Switzerland
Group exhibition2015More Konzeption Conception NowSchloss MorsbroichLeverkusen, Germany
Solo exhibition2015Ceal FloyerKunstmuseum BonnBonn, Germany
Solo exhibition2014Ceal FloyerMuseion (Bozen)Bozen, Austria
Group exhibition2012dOCUMENTA (13)Kassel, Germany
Group exhibition200953. Biennale di VeneziaBiennale di VeneziaVenice, Italy
Group exhibition200240 Jahre: Fluxus und die FolgenKunstsommerWiesbaden, Germany

Artworks in Collections
Tate ModernLondon, UK
Sammlung Zeitgenössische Kunst des Bundesrepublik DeutschlandBerlin, Germany
Museum of Modern ArtNew York, NY, USA
Kunstmuseum BaselBasel, Switzerland
Arts Council CollectionLondon, UK

Monography2015Hatje Cantz VerlagCeal Floyer: A HandbookTacita Dean, Sergio Edelsztein, Mark Godfrey978-3775740777Berlin, Stuttgart 
Monography2007Verlag f. mod. KunstCeal Floyer. ConstructionIna Blom978-3939738602Krefeld, Germany Sylvia Martin, Kunstmuseen Krefeld
Monography1998Kunstlerhaus BethanienCeal FloyerMichael; Gohlke, Gerrit Archer978-3932754036Berlin, Germany 
Monography2010Museum of Contemporary ArtCeal Floyer: Auto FocusBonnie Clearwater978-1888708363Miami, USA 



Kassel, Germany
documenta 13



, Germany
Nam June Paik Art Centre Prize



Berlin, Germany
Award of the Nationalgalerie für Junge Kunst

1991 - 1994


London, England
BFA, Goldsmiths College

1991 - 1994


Karatschi, Pakistan


Places of work / studios

Berlin, Germany

Conceptual artist Ceal Floyer is celebrated for her deft manoeuvres in everyday situations, testing the slippage between function and implication, the literal and the imagined. Working in film and installation, she reconfigures familiar objects as sources of surprise and humour. In Light (1994), for example, a solitary unconnected bulb is lit up from four sides by slide projectors; in Hammer and Nail (2018), stock footage of a nail being hammered is edited so that the footage rises with each blow, the frame of the film and wood plank coming up to meet the hammer. Such adjustments in usage draw on an acute sense of the absurd, with an economy of language that makes a powerful argument for beauty in the detail. Viewers are nudged to double take, and on closer inspection, recognise a sparse kind of poetry. Floyer’s clarity of thought and the elegantly concise presentation of her ideas resonate through all areas of her practice. The deceptive simplicity of the work is informed by Floyer’s particular sense of humour and an awareness of the absurd. Using doubletakes and shifting points of view, Floyer forces the viewer to renegotiate their perception of the world.

https://lisson-art.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/attachment/file/body/14309/Ceal_Floyer_Biography.pdf (10.05.2019)

The work of Ceal Floyer is nothing if not succinct — sometimes it can be pretty hard to spot: the image of a light switch, for instance, projected on to the wall of a gallery precisely where you would expect a light switch to be. But if her work can seem minimalist, she might just as easily make something large.

Floyer’s work, in a way, distils the “eureka!” moment. It captures the crux point between expectation and fact. It exposes the flip-side of life, it plays with the absurd. It has a quicksilver conceptual wit. “There’s a fine line between making sense of the world and making nonsense of it,” she says.” – Rachel Campbell-Johnston, South Bank Show Breakthrough Award, Sunday Times, 6 January 2006

https://www.lissongallery.com/exhibitions/ceal-floyer--2 (10.05.2019)


Double Act photo Double Act 2006 Ceal Floyer 
Light Switch photo Light Switch 1992 Ceal Floyer