Gun Gordillo

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Off space2018Kavlebod bridge, Copenhagen, Denmark
Solo exhibition2014VITA LUXBroby KulturhusBroby, Sweden
Group exhibition2013Ceci n est pas une lampe Neon, Argon, LED & Co.Gesellschaft für Kunst und Gestaltung e.VBonn, Germany
Solo exhibition2004Kristianstad KonsthallKristianstad, Sweden
Group exhibition2004sur la ligneMusée MatisseCâteau Cambresis, France
Art in Public Space2004Jacob Burckhardt HausBasel, SwitzerlandMonumental Integration - Neon, Glass, Concrete,Steel
Art in Public Space1999Philips DenmarkCopenhagen, Denmarkmonumental integration- fibre optic, steel
Group exhibition1997lumière et mouvementgalerie denise rené,Paris, France
Solo exhibition1995Lunds KonsthallLund, Sweden
Off space1993SiemensCopenhagen, Denmarkmonumental lead relief with neon, copper
Solo exhibition1990White Art CenterGent, Belgium
Solo exhibition1988galerie denise renéParis, FranceSolo exhibitions in the years 1988,91,96,2004,2006,2010, 2015
Group exhibition1986du reel au virtuella malmaisonCannes, France
Art in Public Space1986IBMAllerød, DenmarkMonumentale Integration - Neon, Blei, Plexiglas
Group exhibition1977dan lundLunds KonsthallLund, Sweden

Monography2006Galerie Denise RenéGun Gordillo. Galerie Denise Rene Paris, mars - avril 2006Gun GordilloASIN: B01M9DTKVLParis 
Monography2010Galerie Denise RenéGun Gordillo. Entrelacs. Galerie Denise Rene Paris, espace marais, février - mars 2010Gun GordilloGalerie Denise RenéParis 

1969 - 1975


Kopenhagen, Sweden
Royal Academy of Fine Arts Copenhagen

1969 - 1975


Lund, Sweden


Places of residence

Copenhagen, Denmark


Places of residence

Paris, Frankreich

Meeting Gun Gordillo and her art is meeting a positive, optimistic attitude to life. Her personal, poetic approach is very sensitive to the varying contexts of her works. The agitation or the provocation remains in abeyance or else there may be something provocative about her way of creating new combinations of form, material and colour. These are not only unconventional but also seem to imply a moving forward of the borders of the beautiful. What makes one uneasy is that there may be rebellious elements in the almost sublimely beautiful composition. This gift of cooperating with the material, which comes so natural to Gun Gordillo, makes her works unusually suited to function in many different contexts in a public milieu. The durability of dolerite, lead, copper, and zink plate in combination with contemporary fragile materials such as glass, plexiglass and, above all, neon light makes her works stand out among those which have been created with light as their basic artistic expression. There is a decidedly personal angle to her way of dealing with neon light, which gives it a poetic dimension in marked contrast to the harsh stridency of advertising signs. (21.05.2019)

Gun Gordillo works with light and space, but where the steel rods previously mainly were used to create the shapes for her neon tubes, it has now become a frequent sculptural element in her work, alongside with the light. The first work to be created in this way was ‘Vide’, which was part of her latest exhibition at the gallery, titled ‘For F’. The light is also completely absent in some of her new work, in the new mobiles conceived in mirror polished steel, copper, brass and blue steel, which reflects the light from other work and the surroundings. Furthermore, Gun Gordillo has created some of her most complex light sculptures to date, with the wall-hanged works ‘Rouge’ and ‘Bianca’.

Common for all of the works is that they still, after a career of more than 40 years, contain an element of playfulness, and a perpetual research in material, light, warmth, cold and space. The shape seems more unconstrained than ever. Gun Gordillo investigates materiality and tolerances, and makes the delicateness in the light a force in her language, together with the tough materials which she also uses in her work. The neon light and mirrors create a further dimension in the works, space and movement and different impressions depending on the context and the time of the day. (21.05.2019)


kavlebod brygge photo kavlebod brygge 2018 Gun Gordillo 
Plan Albea photo Plan Albea 2014 Gun Gordillo