Extension - model 1:1

Title of ArtworkExtension - model 1:1
Year of Origin2017
    Roomspace circa 77 square meters
    Fluorescent tubes, LEDs, sound carriers, control units, scaffolding, mirror foils
Collaboration/Shared Production/Research
    Center for International Light Art, Unna
    molitor & kuzmin
Medium/Type of Artwork
Light Source
Light-Optical Factors
History of a work
2017 - 2018ExhibitionsUnnaExhibition flyer: ¡Bright! - Center for International Light Art, UnnaLink
1991Development / productionNew YorkInterview by John Cage about the silence (Passages of this interview were edited by molitor & kuzmin and can be heard on Extension - model 1:1)Link
YoutubeUnnaExtension - model 1:1 (Exhibition: ¡Bright! - Center for International Light Art, Unna)Link

A huge bundle of irregularly arranged fluorescent and LED tubes rises above the viewer, supported by a frame: It resembles a column of light made of rods of different brightness and protruding diagonally into the room. Individual lights are attached to the scaffolding. At the height of the viewer, the work Extension - Model 1: 1 is flanked on both sides of the room by reflective metal foils. The light is controlled with an endless loop: after all the fluorescent tubes have turned on and off again, the light travels in the vertical LED tubes from bottom to top several times, while passages edited by molitor & kuzmin from an interview by John Cage can be heard.


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