Title of ArtworkFlashback
Year of Origin2016
    Stainlesssteel ringholder, electronic lightcontrol
Collaboration/Shared Production/Research
    In collaboration with Egbert Trogemann and Lichtparcours Braunschweig 2016 © City of Braunschweig
Medium/Type of Artwork
Light Source
Light-Optical Factors
History of a work

In her installation FLASHBACK, Danica Dakić explores the arch-shaped Drachenbrücke built in 1962 and its reflection in the water, reminiscent of a simple drawing of an eye. Attached to the underside of the bridge’s arch is a semicircular high-grade steel ring mounting plate, which completes a circle with the reflection in the river. In a steady pulse, small jets spray fine mists of water, followed by flashes of light. Caught in the mist, these brief glimmers give the momentary impression of an iris within the “bridge eye”—a fleeting image that constantly reshapes itself and dissolves. Against the backdrop of the ever-changing ambient light and weather, the “bridge eye” changes its shape, sensitizing the gaze for small variances in everyday perception. In the tension between the real place and the metaphorical meaning of riverbridge andlightFLASHBACK symbolizes the fragility of the moment.

City of Braunschweig, Department of Culture and Science: Lichtparcours 2016, in: Short description Danica Dakić „Flashback“: http://www2.braunschweig.de/lichtparcours2016/lp16/kuenstler.html  (Internet-Status 31.08.2018)

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