Light prisms/ Tuffo nell’arcobaleno

Title of ArtworkLight prisms/ Tuffo nell’arcobaleno
Year of Origin1969 - 1962
    variables dimensions from 4 x 4 to 7 x 7 m
    mobile Kristallprismen, Plexiglas-Blöcke, Elektromotoren, Holzgehäuse
Collaboration/Shared Production/Researchn/a
Medium/Type of Artwork
Light Source
Light-Optical Factors
History of a work
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My art is not really kinetic, I prefer to define it as dynamic. Kinetic art is actually art that physically moves, powered by a motor. My art is “dynamic.” My only kinetic artworks were early ones that actually needed to be moved by hand, by the viewer. I feeI like a musical instrument manufacturer, the viewer is the musician and the artwork is co-created by the artist and viewer. But, because I like variety, I also enjoy using motors to create moving artwork. As I did with my ‘Light Prisms’ (1962), in which the protagonists are multicolored rays of light, constantly changing from red to blue, yellow, green, and then purple. In high school I studied some physics and I learned that a white ray of light can be broken down into colors by a prism. A white ray of light is composed by the seven colors of the spectrum. I decided to exploit this knowledge by creating a white surface floor in a darkened room with mirrored walls. I then shone a white ray of light through a prism which broke it down into the whole 7 colors spectrum which was then picked up by several blocks of plexiglas, placed on the white floor at specific intervals, and thus the rainbow was multiplied a myriad times and reflected onto itself by the mirrors! Truly psychedelic! Those were the years of psychedelia and my artwork was very much appreciated…This whole labour intense procedure to create art is why I also call my artwork ‘programmatic art’. By “programming art” one can obtain infinite amounts of images, always different, always in mutation, according to a program that I calculate using different velocities, different rotations, creating different angles, it’s so much fun!

Alberto Biasi (29.07.2020)

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