Title of ArtworkMicrouniverse
Year of Origin2017
    Underwater fibre optic lighting
Collaboration/Shared Production/Researchn/a
Medium/Type of Artwork
Light Source
Light-Optical Factors
History of a work

As part of Cáceres Abierto 2017, Diana Larrea presented the intervention titled Microuniverso (Micro-universe) in the Arab Cistern of the Cáceres Museum, which was open to the public from June 1 to June 25.

The concept of ‘micro-universe’ tells us about a space that has elements of much smaller proportions with respect to our perception, that is, where distances, sizes and the scale are much smaller with regard to the world we live in. Based on this idea, the project consisted of an intervention specifically conceived for the Cistern of the Casa de las Veletas, where the public was invited to live a purely sensorial experience, giving them the freedom to interpret it according to their own knowledge and experiences.

Using a considerable number of small points of light placed with submersible optical fibre on the floor of the cistern, a starry structure was composed depicting a small cosmos under the water that plastically evokes the layout of stars in the night sky. Through these illuminated points in the form of a constellation, the artist placed the viewer in the zone of contemplation.

The project revolved around the romantic theory of perception of the sublime and our perspective as human beings with respect to the universe. Through this luminous composition, an almost magical atmosphere was created where the primordial aspect was to let oneself be carried away by the senses.

https://www.dianalarrea.com/en/instal_17.html (28.10.2019)

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