Miss You, Please Contact Me

Title of ArtworkMiss You, Please Contact Me
Year of Origin2000
    600×140 cm
    LED Light box
Collaboration/Shared Production/Researchn/a
Medium/Type of Artwork
Light Source
Light-Optical Factors
History of a work

Miss You, Please Contact Me.This is a sentence we frequently use to talk to girls on the Internet. I enlarged this sentence and my mobile number to a light box, and then installed it on the street of the Shenzhen, a city of immigration. I want the passer-by to call me, to talk and perhaps to meet. This is the phone call list of the first two days, I lost the others. This mobile number will be out of service in a month time, and the accumulated fee as of mid-night today is 6000.00 RMB. He An

http://leoxuprojects.com/wp-content/upload/HE-AN_Portfolio_update-2.pdf (22.07.2020)

He An broke into contemporary culture in 2000 with the statement “I miss you, please contact me” in his work of the same title. The work combined public space with private desire, contemporary discourse with unmediated human communication. It cracked open a crevice where people could peer beyond their jobs, relationships, and commercial urban stress to see something strange but beautifully simple. It was emotional without strings attached, and consequently people contacted him from all over China. The deceptive simplicity of this work, its romantic theatricality, plus its desire to reach between the public and private has defined He An’s practice even since.

https://www.tangcontemporary.com/he-an (22.07.2020)

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