No moore excuses

Title of ArtworkNo moore excuses
Year of Origin2013
    100h m long
    277 Profile Spots (blue), Sound
Collaboration/Shared Production/Research
    XX Fabbrica Europa, Sergio Risaliti, Simone Conforti
Medium/Type of Artwork
Light Source
Light-Optical Factors
History of a work
2013Development / productionFlorenceXX edition of Fabbrica EuropaLink
2013YoutubeFlorenceMatteo FrittelliLink
2013VimeoFlorenceMatteo FrittelliLink
2013Development / productionFlorenceWebsite of the Festival XX Fabbrica EuropaLink

On the occasion of the XX edition of Fabbrica Europa, Maurizio Nannucci presents a great light and sound installation inside the Stazione Leopolda from May 3 to 11. One of the large naves of the building will be occupied by a bright text. N O M O R E E X C U S E S in monumental format will be projected from above so as to be legible on the floor along the whole length of the space (100 meters approximately). N O M O R E E X C U S E S is made up of 277 Profile Spots ETC Source Four 750, light particles, small dots of blue light merging together to define the single letters. N O M O R E E X C U S E S represents a categorical imperative at a moment in history when each one of us is called upon to take responsibility for our own actions, our own gestures and behaviour. A declaration that resounds with light and color in the empty space of the Leopolda, leaping out beyond the boundaries of Florence.
N O M O R E E X C U S E S is a new conceptual iconography whose meaning is self-evident and whose possible context of use is pratically boundless. While the sender is the artist, the recipients are all who read the text-image. We are consulted, without any semantic redundancy. It is a question of choosing basic ethical principles, the kind of imperatives that will tolerate no further justifications. In the face of corruption and waste of money, the destruction of the artistic heritage and the environment, the “brain drain” and unfulfilled political promises: N O M O R E E X E R C U S E S. There are no excuses in the face of violence and extermination, inequality and injustice, intolerance and racism. There is no possibility of escape in the face of world hunger and the melting of ice.
N O M O R E E X C U S E S is a call to responsible action, to raise awareness, designed without rhetoric and sentimentality, without hypocrisy, and embellishments. A categorical imperative that illuminates the space of Leopolda and resounds in the individual consciousness. The sound installation is created in collaboration with Simone Conforti, composer and sound designer who has already collaborated with Maurizio Nannucci in other urban contexts and museums. A project of great social significance and of great environmental impact made on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of Fabbrica Europa.
The project is conceived and curated by Sergio Risaliti, art historian, curator of events, journalist and writer, who has already collaborated with Fabbrica Europa organizing installation projects with Stalker, Nigel Coates and the exhibition Shapes of Sound . (17. 11. 2019)

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