Reality Show

  • Reality Show 2010

Title of ArtworkReality Show
Year of Origin2010
    234 x 114,5 x 114,5 cm
    Neons, painted wood, mirror, one way mirror and electricity
Collaboration/Shared Production/Researchn/a
    Paul Kasmin Gallery, New York
Medium/Type of Artwork
Light Source
Light-Optical Factors
History of a work
2012YoutubeNew YorkIvan Navarro at Paul Kasmin GalleryLink

Reality Showby Chilean artist Ivan Navarro let viewers feel that sensation by stepping into a simple telephone booth. Surrounded by an infinite tunnel of light, viewers are disorientated, unable to grasp a sense of reality. Interestingly, those outside the booth can see the expression of the person inside but, due to the enclosure's one way glass and mirrors, the participant is unable to see outside the walls.

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