Time Waterfall – ICC Building, Hong Kong

Title of ArtworkTime Waterfall – ICC Building, Hong Kong
Year of Origin2016
    not specified
    Computer Graphics, on LED screen
Collaboration/Shared Production/Research
    Art Basel in Hong Kong
Medium/Type of Artwork
Light Source
Light-Optical Factors
History of a work
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The work was shown across the entire façade of the city’s iconic 490-meter-highInternational Commerce Centre on the Kowloon harbour-front.The numbers of different sizes all flow down over the surface of the building at the different speed, representing individuality of people and multi-temporality of time.

https://tatsuomiyajima.com/work-projects/time-waterfall-icc-building-hong-kong-art-basel-hk/ (30.10.2019)

“Time Waterfall is a new work by Tatsuo Miyajima which aims to convey the eternal luminance of human life, expressing an ethos of “living in the present”. The work will comprise the natural numbers one to nine, which will cascade down the face of the ICC, while never reaching zero.

The continuous counting down symbolizes life, while the zero implied by the extinction of light acts as a metaphor for death. Each digit will be of different sizes, and each will cascade at its own speed, creating a number of layers that each represents a trajectory of individual lives. This work continues the artist’s signature use of light-emitting diode (LED) counters to demonstrate his three fundamental concepts – “Keep Changing”; “Connect with Everything”; and “Continue Forever”. The absence of zero in his works refers to the Buddhist concept of “Sunya”, which symbolizes the void or non-existence.

The use of numbers, as abstract and conceptual symbols, becomes Miyajima’s universal language, allowing his work to be appreciated and adapted internationally. The work will be visible from numerous locations across Hong Kong, including the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Recommended locations for public viewing are Tamar Park, Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park and the terrace on Podium 3 and 4 of the IFC Mall.

“Time Waterfall” is co-commissioned by Art Basel and the International Commerce Centre in Hong Kong.

http://myartguides.com/fairs/art-basel-in-hong-kong-2016/tatsuo-miyajima-time-waterfall/ (30.10.2019)

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