Untitled (Light Box)

Title of ArtworkUntitled (Light Box)
Year of Origin2012
    129 × 36 × 29 cm
    Painted plywood, painted glass, 250W light bulb, cable
Collaboration/Shared Production/Researchn/a
Medium/Type of Artwork
Light Source
Light-Optical Factors
History of a work
2014ExhibitionsNew YorkBortolami GalleryLink

Kraus’s piece Untitled (Light Box) occupies the smaller room in the gallery. Taking the form of a large pedestal, the sculpture casts a strong light from only a thin horizontal aperture that runs around the top of the dark, rectangular volume. The emitted light draws a shadowed line around the perimeter of the room. Drawing out the room’s specific peculiarities—corners, the seams when door meets wall, etc.–the piece straddles the line between sculpture and installation, absorbing its surrounding architecture, and even the viewer, into its sculptural field.

http://moussemagazine.it/first-lines-bortolami-gallery/ (21.10.2019)

"I think it was in 2005 when I had this thought that I wanted to enclose a light in complete darkness, to have nonvisible light. The first work I did was an enclosed light in a mirror box. So it became like a light bomb, an endlessly reflected light in a closed box; it also got very hot, as heat is an inherent quality of light. The mirror is mute when there is no light. The pictures or the things we usually need to experience light are excluded. This ‘emptiness’ was endlessly reflected by the means that makes visibility possible: light. When I opened one border of this box, the light traced the endlessly copied borders on to the wall. I also compared this work to a head. I did several different works to explore these qualities. I think (in)visibility and space have, since that time, remained prominent in my work." Kitty Kraus

https://www.berlinartlink.com/2016/10/31/light-enclosed-in-complete-darkness-an-interview-with-kitty-kraus/ (21.10.2019)

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