Zutphen / Marstunnel

Title of ArtworkZutphen / Marstunnel
Year of Origin2015
    15/5000 not specified
    LED- Matrix (about 1000 lights)
Collaboration/Shared Production/Research
    Mari Baauw (Royal Haskoningdhv), Bert Jongstra (Witteveen+Bos)
Medium/Type of Artwork
Light Source
Light-Optical Factors

Dutch artist Herman Kuijer has been commissioned by the Dutch train company ProRail to make two site-specific light works in two underpasses in the city of Zutphen - please see the attached images to give an initial idea.
These site-specific, permanent light installations are located at two different underpasses linking the traditional town-centre and new City of Zutphen, set on the river IJssel in The Netherlands. Together they highlight the Dutch tradition of the engineering of nature.
Bringing together architecture, design and art, the installations take physical form through the light that he projects onto the concrete supporting each underpass. For one - where the concrete itself is also coloured - the projected light is coloured, the other piece is constructed purely from a light that becomes visible only as it falls onto a surface. The progression of light and colour through each space mimics the movement of water close by; it highlights the relationship between time and space and reflects how we as humans inhabit our ever-changing environments. Colour has long been essential to the work of Kuijer, which in his hands functions as a metaphor for life and for the play between chance and order, technical control and freedom. While his works are synthetic and disorientating, pared-down in their simplicity, they remain monumental in effect.
Kuijer’s work is positioned at the original conjuncture of the river IJssel with the Berkel, highlighting the Dutch tradition of the engineering of nature. The light moves and float across surfaces as if a water current moving across a flat surface, acknowledging the beauty of the natural movement of water and reminding the visitor that they are standing at a place that - without man’s intervention - would be underwater.

https://archello.com/project/two-new-light-installation-in-dutch-city-of-zutphen (22.10.2019)

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