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'Essay' photo 'Essay' 1991 John Cage 
Access photo Access 2003 Marie Sester 
All Places Are Temporary Palaces photo All Places Are Temporary Palaces 2012 Robert Montgomery 
Archie & the bees photo Archie & the bees 2009 PIPS:lab 
Blind Spot photo Blind Spot 2002 Fred Eerdekens 
kavlebod brygge photo kavlebod brygge 2018 Gun Gordillo 
Lighthouse photo Lighthouse 2001 Vadim Fishkin 
Luma2solator photo Luma2solator 2004 PIPS:lab 
Microuniverse photo Microuniverse 2017 Diana Larrea 
Money Is A Superstition photo Money Is A Superstition 2017 Robert Montgomery 
Neo Deo photo Neo Deo 2002 Fred Eerdekens 
Sun_Stop photo Sun_Stop 2003 Vadim Fishkin 
YellowBlueYou photo YellowBlueYou 2017 Martina Tritthart