an almost ephemeral autumn photo an almost ephemeral autumn 2009 luzinterruptus 
Archie & the bees photo Archie & the bees 2009 PIPS:lab 
Do You Think You Can Help Her Brother? photo Do You Think You Can Help Her Brother? 2009 He An 
Kuppelblitz photo Kuppelblitz 2009 Eberhard Bosslet 
Light Me Black photo Light Me Black 2009 Monica Bonvicini 
Light Pavilion photo Light Pavilion 2009 Jeppe Hein 
Moonlight (Venice March 10 2009) photo Moonlight (Venice March 10 2009) 2009 Spencer Finch 
Neon Structure photo Neon Structure 2009 Thorbjoern Lausten 
Rendez-vous ! photo Rendez-vous ! 2009 Diane Landry 
Scanning photo Scanning 2009 Joachim Fleischer 
State of Light photo State of Light 2009 Bill Culbert 
Storm Room photo Storm Room 2009 Cardiff + Miller 
The River That Flows Both Ways photo The River That Flows Both Ways 2009 Spencer Finch 
Third Breath photo Third Breath 2009 James Turrell 
Throne (and over and over again) photo Throne (and over and over again) 2009 Banks Violette 
Tomorrow's Weather photo Tomorrow's Weather 2009 Bigert & Bergström 
Transformation photo Transformation 2009 Stephen Knapp 
Untitled (against the Sculptural) photo Untitled (against the Sculptural) 2009 Onishi Yasuaki 
Venice Biennale photo Venice Biennale 2009 Silvio Wolf 
Waxing, Waning photo Waxing, Waning 2009 Jaap van den Elzen