A Chamber for Horwitz photo A Chamber for Horwitz 2015 Haroon Mirza 
An Additive Mix photo An Additive Mix 2015 Liz West 
ANIMA iki photo ANIMA iki 2015 studio onformativ 
Atmosphere photo Atmosphere 2015 Chris Fraser 
Chromat 9 photo Chromat 9 2015 Adam Barker-Mill 
Complementary Afterimage photo Complementary Afterimage 2015 Liz West 
Connect, Back to Back photo Connect, Back to Back 2015 Regine Schumann 
Départ + Arrivée photo Départ + Arrivée 2015 Christian Boltanski 
Dry lights photo Dry lights 2015 Thomas Vaquié 
Ein Stück urbaner Landschaft photo Ein Stück urbaner Landschaft 2015 Michel Verjux 
Erleuchung photo Erleuchung 2015 Dirk Vollenbroich 
Ferrymans crossing photo Ferrymans crossing 2015 Bruce Munro 
Gradients photo Gradients 2015 Dennis Parren 
HackenPorsche photo HackenPorsche 2015 RaumZeitPiraten 
Hypothesis photo Hypothesis 2015 Philippe Parreno 
In 20 Steps photo In 20 Steps 2015 Studio Drift 
In Between photo In Between 2015 Mariana Vassileva 
Infinity Room photo Infinity Room 2015 Refik Anadol 
Intensional Particle photo Intensional Particle 2015 Hiroaki Umeda 
Light going photo Light going 2015 Claudia Wissmann 
Mijn Berg photo Mijn Berg 2015 Diana Ramaekers 
Monte Sant'Angelo photo Monte Sant'Angelo 2015 joeressen + kessner 
Much Better Than This photo Much Better Than This 2015 Rafaël Rozendaal 
Plexus A1 photo Plexus A1 2015 Gabriel Dawe 
Revolving Doors photo Revolving Doors 2015 Chris Fraser 
Schattenschaukel photo Schattenschaukel 2015 Hinrich Gross 
Silver Linings photo Silver Linings 2015 Soo Sunny Park 
SOS POETRY photo SOS POETRY 2015 Dirk Vollenbroich 
Spaceless Spaces (Deep Projection) photo Spaceless Spaces (Deep Projection) 2015 Takashi Kunitani 
Sphere photo Sphere 2015 Jesús Rafael Soto 
The Color Out of Space photo The Color Out of Space 2015 Rosa Barba 
the weight of light photo the weight of light 2015 Martin Hesselmeier Andreas Muxel 
This Beautiful Day photo This Beautiful Day 2015 Kristin McIver 
Zutphen / Marstunnel photo Zutphen / Marstunnel 2015