Angel Rainbow photo Angel Rainbow 2017 Sarkis 
Archive Dreaming photo Archive Dreaming 2017 Refik Anadol 
Birdcage 2017 photo Birdcage 2017 2017 Jeongmoon Choi 
Character photo Character 2017 Hartung and Trenz 
Disassembly photo Disassembly 2017 Susanne Rottenbacher 
Exploded Flat 2 photo Exploded Flat 2 2017 Jim Campbell 
Extension - model 1:1 photo Extension - model 1:1 2017 molitor & kuzmin 
Forms in Space…by Light (in Time) photo Forms in Space…by Light (in Time) 2017 Cerith Wyn Evans 
Hear/Höre/Hoor/Hear 2018 photo Hear/Höre/Hoor/Hear 2018 2017 Tim Etchells 
I am photo I am 2017 Tavares Strachan 
INHOMOGENOUS photo INHOMOGENOUS 2017 urbanscreen 
inKUBATOR photo inKUBATOR 2017 joeressen + kessner 
iphone 09.01.2007 photo iphone 09.01.2007 2017 Brigitte Kowanz 
Licht - Raum - Erkundungen photo Licht - Raum - Erkundungen 2017 Margareta Hesse 
Marquesina photo Marquesina 2017 Philippe Parreno 
Microuniverse photo Microuniverse 2017 Diana Larrea 
Money Is A Superstition photo Money Is A Superstition 2017 Robert Montgomery 
Onion Skin photo Onion Skin 2017 Olivier Ratsi 
Per purificare le parole photo Per purificare le parole 2017 Gilberto Zorio 
Pizzagate photo Pizzagate 2017 Warren Neidich 
res·o·nant photo res·o·nant 2017 Mischa Kuball 
Rum photo Rum 2017 Thorbjoern Lausten 
SPIN! photo SPIN! 2017 Susanne Rottenbacher 
Stabilizing Light Ahlen photo Stabilizing Light Ahlen 2017 Christoph Dahlhausen 
The Mylar Topology photo The Mylar Topology 2017 Paul Prudence 
The Statisticon Neon photo The Statisticon Neon 2017 Warren Neidich 
YellowBlueYou photo YellowBlueYou 2017 Martina Tritthart