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LIFA (Light in Fine Arts) sees itself as a network of cooperating institutions, art scholars, artists, curators, and others who investigate, discuss, and work on further developing the medium of light in art. Within the framework of the LIFA colloquia, various cooperation partners invite you to attend lectures and rounds of discussion on 'Light in Art'. LIFAresearch has been the result of this initiative - an online database that records international positions, from pioneers of light art to contemporary artists and their works, according to scientific standards and makes them available on a digital platform.

The selection of positions is curated by the LIFAresearch editorial team to guarantee the focus on the medium of light in art and is being expanded constantly. Qualitative criteria such as:

1. the use and proportion of light as a material and medium in the overall work must be primary.

2. the preoccupation with light must be recognizable as a continuing question in the work of the artist or group of artists.

3. the questions most vital for inclusion in the LIFA-Archive are the degree of stringency of its artistic question, to what degree the approach is innovative and how lasting the effect of the work will be in the professional world.

The database is available to private individuals within the framework of copyright regulations, but also to all cooperation partners for teaching, research, and investigation. The image material is initially displayed in pixelated form and can only be viewed by registering free of charge. For the purpose of documenting information on the artists as accurately as possible and particularly for the registered works, we are dependent on assistance. Reliable information enables us to provide even more qualified information. We are therefore pleased about every work of art submitted here and every direct contact.

LIFA guide for editors as PDF download

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